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150 Recipes from Around the World

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This digital cookbook contains 150 Recipes from Around the World, tips and stunning pictures for EVERY recipe!

You'll find 150 Delicious Recipes from different cuisines such as:

  • Dishes: Ramen, Tacos, Noodles, Dim Sum, Paella, Roti, Chicken Marsala,  Lasagna, Kimchi, Gyoza, Quiche, Biryani, Pho, Hummus, Deep-Fried Japenese, Spring Rolls, Bibimbap, Pad Thi, Borek, Moqueca, Carri & More
  • Desserts: Muchi, Moon Cake, Parfait, Pavlova, Tiramisu & More
  • Recipes are Budget-Friendly
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Available on Computer, Phone, Tablet and other devices
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